Internal Migration:
Factual Overview

No. of internal migrants: 140 million internal migrants move for work[1]

62% migrants move from rural to rural areas followed by 20% migrating from rural to urban[2]

Key destination areas: [3] Maharashtra, Delhi and Gujarat

Prominent sectors of employment for short-term internal migrants[4]: construction sector, agriculture and manufacturing sector

The Global Index Risk Report (2021) placed India at Rank 7[5]

There are 14 million[6] 6 estimated climate migrants in the country. An estimated 45 million people are predicted to migrate by 2050 as a result of climate change[7]

Seasonal migration is a primary coping strategy for a large rural population faced with agricultural distress. This is driven by a combination of economic and climate-related factors.

Climate change impacts are experienced in destination areas as well. Migrants at destination locations usually reside in areas which are already prone to climate related impacts

Portability constraints i.e., the inability to access government benefits at destinations continue to impact access to social security for internal migrants

For more on internal migration in India and other countries in South and Southeast Asia, read our report Internal Migration in Asia.

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