Jan Sathi App

Jan Sathi App is a platform that integrates social security and social registry for migrant workers. The app helps us complement the government's efforts in connecting migrant workers to necessary services through a single window.

The application has been designed in close collaboration with our field staff drawing from their on-ground experiences. The goal is for it to be used by the community members directly to support migrant workers to access social security benefits.

It is also designed to integrate with government systems to simplify access to social security and worker protection for migrant workers and ease the workload on the government.

Services Provided

Social Registry

Helps register migrant workers and create a national migrant registry with necessary details of the workers. This data will also help identify migrant worker trends and patterns.

Social Security

Helps identify eligible schemes for migrant households and determine priority schemes based on household characteristics.

Key Features

Well defined security and data privacy controls to ensure data does not leak without limiting functionality of the platform

Offline availability of the app to ensure usability in low data coverage locations

Easy integration with government and non-government systems through robust APIs

Ability for ecosystems to co-create by configuring, extending and building on top of our existing features

Multi language functionality of all features in the app

Modular approach of development for the mobile app to improve reusability & ease of maintenance

Jan Sahas App

How Does the App Help Us Improve?

Optimising processes to achieve operational excellence

Combine data (captured by optimised process & technology) with a deep human understanding of local context to make empathetic decisionse

Future Vision

We are keen on working with state and national governments to improve services for migrant workers in the following ways:

Integrate with systems such as e-Shram, CSC and other government platforms for automatic registration of migrant workers

Receive and support worker protection cases in regions where JS has field operations Provide migrant related data and dashboards to the government

Provide worker-protection related data to the government

Provide migrant related data and dashboards to the government

System to be simplified enough so that it can be used by migrant worker communities to register members of the community

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